The Catalyst

Part One

Dr. Robin Kay is the youngest professor at her university and she did not get there by lacking in ambition.

When an archaeological dig in Siberia unearths something new, she is called on to study the pieces of DNA. But the deeper she goes into the genetic material, the more she realizes she is dealing with something completely new. A species not from Earth.

Driven by ambition and curiosity, Robin defies her superiors and the ethics board to give the species new life. Now, the clock is ticking. At any moment, the authorities could discover what she has done. Who she has created. But the greatest danger may not come from outside the lab, but within it. Because Dr. Robin Kay did not create an it. She created a he.

Part Two

After fleeing the authorities, Dr. Robin Kay finds herself in a difficult position. The life she knew is gone. Plans have been set in motion to destroy her and everything she holds dear. And somewhere outside the city, Addar is waiting. 

Dark times are coming to her world. Many will suffer, many will die. Will Robin perish with the rest or rise from the ashes?

Part Three

After the chaos and destruction of the invasion, the surviving humans are left with only two choices: Die from the virus or wait for the invaders to return. 

Dr. Robin Kay and her small group seek to find a cure to the virus and way to stop the coming attack. Along with her family, assistant, and two members of the invading race, she struggles to survive in a world made hostile by winter cold and soldiers out for her blood. 

Death is all around her, as one by one members of her group fall to the deadly virus. Her only support is from her parents and Addar, the man who was sent to destroy them all. Romance and danger grow by the day, while Robin races to save her people. 

But the question remains, when Addar's people return will his loyalty be to his people or the woman he loves?

Part Four

    Coming Soon

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