The Dems Trilogy

The Dems Trilogy:

No Light
(The Dems Trilogy #1)!the-dems-trilogy/c1guu
The Dems have been held captive since before the world was made. They are the darkness only spoken of in whispers. As much as they are hated and feared, those who guard them are even more so. The pariahs of society, they live apart from the rest of the world in a settlement called Ameritat. 

That is where The Dems Trilogy begins. An unlikely and dangerous love between a human guard and the most feared of all the Dems. It will be the beginning or the ending of everything. 

Sarah Mackenzie was never meant to be a guard, never meant to descend into the bowels of the earth, but The Corridor is where she is sent. With little information and even less training, she is thrust into her position as a Dem handler. She walks a thin line between life and death, as she tries to uphold her family honor and unlock the mystery of the Dem’s captivity. 

The pursuit of truth will drag her deep into a world of corruption, hatred, and greed and she will have to decide where her loyalties lie. With the humans who have mistreated her or the Dem who could destroy them all.

Darkness Blooming 
(The Dems Trilogy #2)

Darkness Blooming by Devi Mara
Rissa D’ar came from the wrong side of town. She grew up fast and she grew up hard. She is fully capable of taking care of herself and needs no help from anyone. Least of all, Lonan, Prince of the Dems.

Lonan has never had any use for humans. Aside from his brother’s queen, Sarah, he considers them all to be a waste of space. So, when a tiny spitfire stalks into his life, he wants nothing to do with her.

With failure a very real possibility, King Farran is taking no chances. The Dems’ fight against the Revolution is building and they seem intent on wiping out a portion of humanity. With her people threatened and danger building every day, Rissa must work with Lonan for the good of all or doom them all to death.

Shadows Fall
(The Dems Trilogy #3)

U.S. Ambassador to the Dems, Aya Berk has many reasons to resent King Baraz. She has thousands of them. He is a stubborn, hateful man who drags the rest of the universe into his misery. Some may fear him, but she never has and certainly will not start now. 

King Baraz has hated humans so long the reason has become secondary. They are devious, plotting, and not to be trusted. He is certain of himself and his place in the universe. That is, until the one person he never expected to see again re-enters his life.

Aya and Baraz are two people separated by time and choices. But when an ancient evil threatens to destroy everything they have built, they are forced to set aside their differences. In the battle to hold on to what they love, can they find some spark of what once was? Or will it all fall into shadow? 

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