Friday, August 5, 2016

The One Book Dream

Okay. So, originally I planned for The Catalyst to be one book.

(Rather than two big-ish books)

Unfortunately, as I was writing, I realized the story was too long for one book. At least, one book that I was able to write at that moment.

(I'm getting a little better at writing long steps)

However, as I was writing a few days ago, I found some of my old notes. And right there in black and white (horrible handwriting, btw), were my notes pondering if my writing chops were able to pull off a single epic length novel with four parts.

Ultimately, I decided I wasn't that cool and broke it up into two books. For those of you who were less than thrilled with the abrupt ending of the first book, that's what happened. I had to try to find a place to end what was not supposed to end for another 100,000 words or so.

BUT, I digress.

As some of you might have noticed, there are two parts of The Catalyst floating around Amazon. They are the first book (2014) in two parts. Next week, part three will be released. And a few weeks later, part four.

Now, I said all that to tell you this: I will actually be releasing my big book. Yep. I'm going to do it.

All four parts compiled into a single ebook. Basically, the difference between a TV show and a movie.

I'm a little bit excited about it. (A LOT)

It reminds me of that one scene in Step Up, where the main character has to choreograph a dance for her senior project, and she resigns herself to using two dancers even though she imagined it with more. (spoiler alert) In the end, she has a dozen dancers all dancing in canon. Which looks amazing.

And I'm wandering off topic again.

The point is, don't be alarmed or confused about the four part thing. If you bought the first book, you have part one and two. No need to buy it again.

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