Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 Ways PetSmart is Trying to Ruin Me

Today's post is brought to you by stuff at PetSmart, and my inability to resist it. Seriously, guys. They are not playing fair. I go in there, just looking for dog food, and BAM!

1. This Ridiculously Adorable Toy

What is this!? It looks like a wizard. A really cute wizard. Who is somehow a crab. Whatever it is, I bought the thing. It's awesome and I may not give it to the dog.

2. Hello Kitty

Words cannot express how much I want to buy this and keep it forever and ever. I mean, okay. I get it. I'm an adult or whatever. Still. How cute is this!?

Indra owns this exact coat. He used to have one with a hood (to keep his head dry-ish), but every time the hood fell forward, he went stiff and refused to move until it was folded back out of the way. So, yeah. Now, his head gets wet. You win some, you lose some.

4. The Nerdy Little Sweater

Indra has this, too. Why? Because he is a bookworm, and he likes to not freeze on chilly spring mornings. But mostly, because he is a bookworm.

Last (but not AT ALL least)

I am having difficulty wrapping my head around this. It's supposed to be a dolphin, but it has a Jaws-esque dorsal fin, so I'm at an impasse here. 

On the one hand, it's kind of cute. It will give cats nightmares about shark/dog hybrids, but they will be cute shark/dog hybrids. 

What would that be? A shog? A dark? Whatever it is, I would feed it treats and tell it it's a good doggy.