Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Naming of Things - The Dems Trilogy

Do you remember the crazy debates people had about the pronunciation of the names of Harry Potter characters? Before the first movie, some of my friends were losing their minds. 

Bickering about 'Is it herm-eye-oh-nee or her-mee-oh-nee?' (both were wrong) and 'It's Dobby, like 'knob', not Dobby like 'globe'!" 

Which brings me to my point.

The Dems (and some of the humans) have uncommon names. Some are completely made-up and some are existing names. 

Between my editor and I, there has been some confusion on name pronunciation (even the ones I made up), so I decided to do a post on the meanings of the existing names and the pronunciation options. 

This is just for the sake of curiosity. You can pronounce them any way you like. :)

First, the Dems:

Farran - 

Pronunciation: FAR-in alternately FAIR-in or FUH-ron (I pronounce it FAIR-in)

Origin: English surname derived from Old French ferrant meaning 'iron gray'.

Lonan -

Pronunciation: LO-nin alternately LO-nan (I use the first one. It makes my editor cringe)

Origin: Derived from Irish Gaelic meaning 'little blackbird'.

Baraz - 

Pronunciation: BUH-raws

Origin: Means 'exalted' in Persian.

Motlin -

Pronunciation: MOT-lin

Origin: Made-up

Tradis -

Pronunciation: TRA-dis alternately TRAY-dis (I use TRA-dis. My editor and I have agreed to disagree)

Origin: Made-up

Eitad - 

Pronunciation: EE-tad alternately EE-tod (I use the first one)

Origin: Made-up

Dorin -

Pronunciation: DOR-in

Origin: Romanian form of Dorian, a name first used by Oscar Wilde. Possibly taken from the Greek tribe called the Dorians.

Hrim – 

Pronunciation: HUR-im

Origin: Made-Up

And…the Humans:

Sarah -

Pronunciation: SER-ah

Origin: Means 'lady, princess, noblewoman' in Hebrew. 

Rissa - Rissa is a little different because she has her birth name, Tamsin, and the name she goes by which is short for Clarissa.

Rissa pronunciation: RI-suh alternately REE-suh (I say RI-suh)

Clarissa origin: From Late Latin clarus meaning 'clear, bright, famous'.

Tamsin pronunciation: TAM-sin

Tamsin origin: Greek form of an Aramaic name meaning 'twin'.

Aya -

Pronunciation: AH-yah alternately AY-uh (I say AY-uh, but my editor hates it…)

Origin: Name is Sumerian (meaning unknown), but can be pronounced like the Japanese name meaning 'color' or 'design'.

Adela -

Pronunciation: uh-DEL-uh alternately ah-DE-lah (I use the first one)

Origin: From Germanic element adal meaning 'noble'.

John -

Pronunciation: JAHN

Origin: Derived from Hebrew meaning 'YAHWEH is gracious'.

So, there you have it. Those are names of the characters that show up in at least two books of the trilogy.

All name information came from the website Behind the Name. Which is awesome and extremely useful for coming up with character names.

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