Monday, March 30, 2015

Indra: A Day In the Life

This is Indra. (after a bad haircut)

Something kind of funny happened to him today, and has happened several times before, that has inspired me to write about him and his daily life. I'll start with the highlights.

Indra's day is mostly spent sleeping. 

That's the first thing you should know about him. When he is not sleeping, he is doing the following.

  • Chasing Priya
  • Being chased by Priya
  • Cleaning Priya's face
  • Cleaning his own face (and everything else...)
  • Being bossed around by Priya
  • Stealing from Priya
  • Fighting his foe, the trashcan in my office
  • Hiding from his mortal enemy, the evil vacuum cleaner
  • Sniffing things
  • Looking around the yard for gross things to roll in
  • Wagging his tail
  • Staring at me for hours
  • Getting trapped in the bathroom
Now, the last activity on the list was the main reason I decided to write this post. I'll need to fill you in on a few things first.

  1. We keep a bowl of water by the sink in the upstairs bathroom for the dogs. They don't like their water near their food, so it seemed like a good place to put it. 
  2. The door to the bathroom does not like to stay open, so we have to use a doorstop.
  3. The doorstop is often forgotten by the humans living in the house.
Which leads to Indra's reoccurring predicament. 

The main problem is: Indra is overly polite. He does not bark when he wants into the house, he does not bark when he needs to go outside, he does not bark when he is trapped in the bathroom. He really only barks when he is outside playing. Which sounds great, until you realize it leads to pretty weird (sometimes funny) situations.

For example:

  • The time Indra was out on the porch for four hours because of a lack of communication among the humans. Luckily, it was low-seventies weather and there is an outdoor water bowl. 
  • The time he made about twenty trips between the door and my office in a silent attempt to tell me he needed the men's room. I only noticed because I could feel him staring at the side of my head and the sound of his feet on the floor (coming to my chair and then trailing off and then coming close and then...well you get the point) drew my attention.
  • The time he was trapped in the bathroom for an hour and I was frantically searching the house for him. He greeted me with a wagging tail when I pushed open the bathroom door.
So, today I found him in the bathroom after I noticed my feet were cold. He likes to lay by (read: ON) my feet. I wandered around the house and finally checked the bathroom. Sure enough, there he was with his wagging tail. 

While the problem is somewhat funny in a way, it's also less than awesome for my overly polite dog. Thus, I have put in place a Policy Adjustment Necessitating Doorstop Awareness. A PANDA. 

I may make t-shirts.

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